Events & leisure activities




Matala Beach Festival 2019 - 21/22/23.06

3 days full of music, dance and fun


Enjoy riding along the beach or through olive groves and let the cretan natur captivate you. The horse farm MELANOURI offers fun for the whole family.


Discover Matala and the surroundings by bicycle.

The Outdoors Travel agent rent bicycles and organise bicycle and hiking tours.



Explore the cretan cuisine in a different way and take part in a cookery course in Kalamaki. With fresh incredients you will cretan tranditional dishes and enjoy them in a friendly environment. 



Learn more about the world of vines on the sunny island of Crete. A variety of tours and workshops introduce you to the cretan vine cultivation and create your holiday in Matala unforgettable.


A special highlight is also the MARKET DAY in Mires. Every saturday marketeers offer not only fruits, vegetables and tissues, but also farm animals, pans and clothes. In Tymbaki the market takes place every friday.




Every Sunday takes place the organic market in Kamilari where visitors can buy local products.


Every first weekend of October the inhabitants of Pitsidia celebrate the RAKI FEAST at the square. The women bring homemade food and the men distill the Raki. Delicious food, strong Raki and cretan music - the ingredients for a successful, cretan feast!


Discover the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea.

Whether diving in the Lybian Sea (Mare Sud in Kokkinos Pirgos), an excursion to one of the biggest aquarium of the Medirerranean Sea (CRETAQUARIUM) or boat trips along the south coast of Crete, the possibilities are numerous and offer fun for big and small.


The donkey rescue sanctuary in Agia Marina is a non-profit organisation which offers abandoned donkeys a safe home. Visitors are daily welcomed from 10:00 until 14:00 and 17:00 until 20:00, except sundays.