Yoga courses in Matala

 The well-directed movements and the conscious breathing in YOGA help to develop your flexibility and balance,

as well as to build physical strength. YOGA offers both your body and your mind a rest and lets you completely rest.

With YOGA you experience a loving and careful handling of your body – without any pressure to perform.

It helps to develop new strength and inner peace and to take these into everyday life.



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the health regulations, we decided to pause for a while our yoga classes.

Nonetheless, Marina (our yoga teacher) is still active and adjusted her classes to the current situation.

We will post here her monthly teaching schedule and newsletter

 “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

–Leonard Cohen


Today I want to say thank you.

Thank you to this community for being so positive, so engaging and so inspiring to me since I embarked on this new experience of teaching yoga online and sending a monthly newsletter to keep in touch with you all in such a crazy time of our existence. Some of you I had the pleasure to meet in person, some others not yet. It’s easy to get motivated when I read your messages, I see your poses, progressions, and commitment to yoga. I’m so grateful for knowing you over this past year and years, and I’m sure this is just the beginning of a wonderful continuing experience for you with yoga.


I encourage you to take a moment and think about three things you’re grateful for and one thing you want more of for this coming week.


Today I’m grateful for my amazing family (mom, dad, sister&fam), the farmers that make good food accessible to us and the energy from the summertime. This week I want more time to check in with myself to make sure that I’m listening to those needs and not just go go go.


What about you?



 The syllable Aum (OM) ॐ


Om, in Hinduism and other religions chiefly of India, is a sacred syllable that is considered to be the greatest of all mantras. The syllable Om is composed of the three sounds a-u-m (in Sanskrit, the vowels a and u coalesce to become o), which represent several important triads: the three worlds of earth, atmosphere, and heaven; thought, speech, and action; the three qualities (gunas) of matter (goodness, passion, and darkness); and the three sacred Vedic scriptures (Rigveda, Yajurveda, and Samaveda). Thus, Om mystically embodies the essence of the entire universe. It is used before and during the recitation of spiritual texts, during puja and private prayers, in ceremonies of rites of passages (sanskara) such as weddings, and sometimes during meditative and spiritual activities such as Yoga.


The syllable Om is also referred to as onkara (oṅkāra), omkara (oṃkāra) and pranava (praṇava).


Pranava Mantra - Om (Aum)


Om is the original mantra. In the Bible it says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word is God”. From the point of view of yoga the “Word” was Om, the first vibration and the sound from which all others emerge.


There is no transliteration of Om (Aum). Correctly pronounced, the sound starts from the navel, with a deep, harmonious vibration, and gradually manifests itself at the upper part of the nostrils. A is the first sound the vocal apparatus can utter. As U is pronounced, the sound rolls from the root of the tongue to the end of the sounding board of the mouth. M, the last sound, is produced by closing the lips. Even if it is divided into three, its acting must take place as a single sound.


There is also a fourth sound, represented by the little line and dot above and called chandra-bindu in Sanskrit, that is not pronounced through the voice; however, it is the most important moment of the recitation, as it is pure contemplation, and must be remembered and lived as such. It is a "silent sound", a moment of absolute contemplation that represents the unmanifest, the primordial condition of the Being that precedes the manifestation.


Om has a powerful positive effect upon the nervous system and transforms the physical body, setting up new vibrations and awakening dormant physical and mental powers. All mantras are hidden in Om, the abstract, highest mantra. The universe has come from Om, rests in Om and dissolves in it.


The transcendental sound of Om is not heard by the ordinary ear. Because of its universality, Om can be used as a mantra by all who are unable to find a guru or don't have a personal mantra. However, its very universality and lack of particular form make it very difficult for a beginner to grasp. The mind must be very strong to be able to concentrate on formless and abstract mantras such as Om.


Online. Zoom... September back on the mat?


From August 24th

WED 7:15 – 8:00 Rise& Flow (45min)

FRI 7:15 – 8:00 Rise& Flow (45min)

CET Time zone


Kindly remember to book your classes at least one day before.


More classes from September 20th - Stay tuned!


Can’t fit the dates? If you cannot attend the live session, simply book upfront to purchase the recording.



Class offer:

10 classes 60,00eu (3 months validity)

Online Drop-in class – 8,00 EUR


Private online classes are available. Message me for details.


Book your class: or WhatsApp +39 335 7869 506                                                               --



For Anytime & Anywhere: Asana (pose) of the Month!


On your mat, get set, flow…

Developing a home practice can feel intimidating at times. Often we have blurted flowing through the mind – I don’t have time, Where do I start? What comes next?…

A home practice can be as simple as sitting on your mat for 5 minutes and stretching, breathing and witnessing. Ultimately our practice of Yoga is designed to guide us inside, to listen to our inner wisdom and to the body, to be able to feel what feels stuck, tight or tense, and thus what we could benefit the most from next.

Today, I invite you to sit and try one simple yet awesome pose with me. Feel free to do this pose anywhere and anytime you have a few moments to open your body-mind.


Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward Facing Dog


The classic resting pose. As Yoga teachers often remind students, this can be a resting pose if you have the right alignment of attitude and body: Find the alignment of your hands – spread wide, shoulder-distance apart, the alignment of the feet hip-distance apart. Let your knees have a soft bend as you lengthen the tailbone, bringing belly to spine, rolling the shoulders away from your ears. Let there be an even weight between hands and feet and explore the openings possible as you breathe into the body and tune into where the body is tight.

Play around with the concept of dynamic stillness – allowing each inhale to create more length in the spine and space in the body, and each exhale deepening and expanding. Play around with 3-legged dog, lifting one leg at a time and opening the hip into scorpion tail.


Above, 3-legged dog and below scorpion tail with some of the key cues.




When I used to practice yoga at a studio in Thailand, one of my favorite moments was listening to poetry. Incorporating poetry into your yoga practice can make the practice more meaningful and can allow you to listen more clearly to the words, noticing the line breaks, the diction, the lyricism. Poetry after yoga can also allow you to put into words the principles you are trying to experience in your daily life such as acceptance and compassion. Here is a poem to guide you on your journey. x



by Rainer Maria Rilke


Slowly the west reaches for clothes of new colors

which is passes to a row of ancient trees.

You look, and soon these two worlds both leave you,

one part climbs toward heaven, one sinks to earth,

leaving you, not really belonging to either,

not so hopelessly dark as that house that is silent,

not so unswervingly given to the eternal as that thing

that turns to a star each night and climbs —

leaving you (it is impossible to untangle the threads)

your own life, timid and standing high and growing,

so that, sometimes blocked in, sometimes reaching out,

one moment your life is a stone in you, and the next, a star.





This is a track my partner Paco and I used to sing during our Kirtan nights in Goa. It is about the Divine Mother in many of her forms and names. It is a very special chant to me which I have learned while living in the ashram. Here's a version Paco readapt with his freaky band in India called Kundalini Airport. I hope you'll like it. <3


Gauri Gauri Gange


Please feel free to email me if you require any further information.

I am so honored to share these classes as I continually strive to keep the teaching pure and true to the source.

Thank you for reading through this month’s offerings and I wishing you much love and peace along your way. I hope to see you soon!


With great love,

Marina x