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In the beautiful area of South Crete we have in the small villages Matala and Pitsidia different accommodations for your holidays to offer. Our offers include all possibilities, from a double-room, small studios for up to 2 persons, apartments for the whole family or even an apartment villa. Check our site and contact us for any further question. 

In Matala

Matala is a small village located 75 km south-west of Heraklion, Crete. In former times, Matala was a fishing village. Also now, in winter time there live only about 65 locals. It is famous for its bay and for the caves, where in the 1960s lived the Hippies. In Matala we rent the "Apartments & Studios Xenophon", the "Studio Veroniki" and the "Apartment Villa Iro". 


Apartments & Studios Xenophon

"Apartments & Studios Xenophon" is a stonehouse-complex over three floors. It was originally built in the 1970s from Xenophon and his wife Sophia. Today again a woman called Sophia is in charge: the grand-daughter of the builders.

In total we rent here 11 rooms in different catergories. The "Apartments & Studios Xenophon" are suited a little bit outside of the villages' centre, where it is already a little bit quieter. Nevertheless you reach the square of the village by a 10 minutes walk by feet. "Apartments & Studios Xenophon" also home for our reception, where in the summer months you find daily support (Sundays closed). All our customers are very much welcome here! 


Studio Veroniki

"Studio Veroniki" is suited at the opposite street of the "Apartments & Studios Xenophon". It is a small stone-house with its own entrance and its own terrace.  

In Pitsidia

Pitsidia is located just a few kilometers before Matala and is one of the oldest villages in the Mesara Valley. Despite the growing number of visitors, Pitsidia has retained its traditional village charm. Picturesque village streets, cozy stone houses and a typical Cretan village square surrounded by kafenions and little taverns make the village atmosphere perfect. In the small shops, visitors find whatever they might need during their stay, from fresh eggs and bread until vegetables and delicious wine. 


In Pitsidia we rent the "Apartments Mythos & Myrto". 

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